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Part 1 - Pathways


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Table of Contents


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2. Identifies and names the Other as Intimate Enemy

The Mushroom Cloud reveals what happens when humans practice the science of complete, value-free, impersonal, emotionless objectivity. That is, when they successfully so remove their personal feelings from their actions that they even objectify themselves in the process.

How else to understand the true achievement of the Atomic Bomb
but as humans arriving at a point where they have lost
their sense of individual intimacy such that they commit an act of MAD suicide?
    For what else is the Atom Bomb but a simultaneous
    (although not always immediate) act of individual and communal suicide?

In this light, the seemingly personal act of an individual scientist working hard to remove subjectivity and so place himself in a value free, purely objective space is an act of fear. It is fear of what is personal and human, and it is an act of withdrawing from what is human. It is fear of letting the Other (organic or inorganic) into one’s personal intellectual and emotional space. For to do so is to be considered tainted with the data produced and, consequently, by scientific standards to be considered corrupted and useless.

The scientific act of disciplining one’s self to be objective is a way of restricting intimacy to the zero point. However, as Earthfolk see it, it is clearly an act of misdirection, in that it is actually an act of intimacy.

It is an act of intimacy which refuses intimacy to the Other—makes you present as Intimate Enemy.

The scientist says, “I know” as if he is an isolated individual. This is a view Earthfolk hold to not only be erroneous but dangerous.

When any human so restricts their intimacy, it is impossible for them not to create a world without intimacy. Scientists and Scientismists have created a world without intimacy, to which the twin icons of the present nuclear apocalypse testify.


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