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3. Seeks to annihilate the goddess and the feminine

Since Scientism clearly rejects the supernatural dimension and the existence of deities, how does it seek to annihilate the feminine? The definition of “feminine” is culturally conditioned. In this respect, Earthfolk explore how Scientism affirms the Abrahamic approach to the feminine.

Both reject the Goddess. In this respect, Scientism shares a core belief and practice with the Abrahamic tradition. Despite Genesis chapter one’s “let us” inference to the existence of gods and goddess, the Abrahamic faith developed by professing monotheism. There are not only no goddesses, there are no other gods—and the one god is male, “Father.”

Scientists and Scientismists focus on a materialistic, at times on an avowedly atheistic, modelling of reality. Materialism means that they look for the source of all explanations in tangible or detectable physical reality. They explain and interpret using a reductionistic methodology that seeks to explain the complex as arising out of the simple. For example, multi-cell organisms evolve from single-cells, they do not devolve from complex to simple, from multi-cell to single cell.

In practice, they search for the Many that makes up the One. While there are times when it is accepted that "the whole is greater than the sum of its parts," the phrase "scientific pursuit of truth" usually implies a methodological and theoretical mistrust of any unity, whole or holism as permanent. Every unity, whole or holism is really a part of something else—a truth that science will eventually disclose or "discover" given enough time. In sum, everything can be reduced to ever smaller parts—atomic, sub-atomic, and so on.



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