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“Living as if I am no one’s enemy”

Since we all live under the Mushroom Cloud and Starship Earth, you need to be honest about how ingrained into the depths of your sub-conscious is the Warrior practice of “living as if I am your enemy.”

Your body, mind and spirit is so attuned to waging Endless War on the intimate, personal, social, cultural and spiritual levels that to start breaking-down one aspect of this body-mind-spirit set is to send an tremor through all aspects of your life.

“Living as if I am your enemy” is nurtured by dreadful fear—and is the defining characteristic of someone who has been traumatically stressed because of abuse. This dreadful fear always comes back to being a fear of one’s own self.

As a Warrior’s Quest child—in the Nuclear Age—you learned to fear Others as Intimate Enemy and this in turn took root as a dreadful fear of yourself. The primary heartfelt act of the Warrior’s Quest is to live as if you are everyone’s enemy.

How to counter this Warrior’s Quest vision and practice?

Honestly, if Earthfolk told you, or felt themselves, that you had to “change the world, right away!” then you’d feel paralyzed. You’d say, “I can’t do that. I’m just me. Even if I embrace my beloved, our vital zest is so puny.” True, this very sense of “I” or “we” as not being able to do anything that can actually stop the madness of nuclear war is a result of the very practice of seeing Others as your enemy—perversely, you become your own Intimate Enemy.

How to practice? There is no pat script to read or rote act to emulate. Rather, and this is the challenging part, how you practice living as if you are no one’s enemy is something you must imagine, and it is a practice you must define and develop.

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