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Creating with vital zest. The life-force that an individual person makes present has been a source of curiosity for millennia. There is no single, agreed upon answer to, "What is this life-force?" There is even less agreement about, "What is the value of a single, individual person's life-force?"

Vital zest is a quantity and a quality of human presence. We talk about a person's "energy," their vitality, that "special something" that makes them memorable. Some stand out from the rest of us—they have an "air," or a "charge about them," or "a dynamism" that makes us listen, sometimes follow, at other times obey them. It is a magnetic force that draws us to them. When they enter a room, every eye turns towards them. When they speak, we pause. It's as if we cannot avoid them, ignore them—they seem to exert a power over us. At times, they delight us. Scare us. Entertain us. Amaze us.

The best among these "high energy" or "magnetic personalities" are those who can teach, motivate and inspire us to make ourselves better. We call these life-changers, and people we never forget.

When two people are "in love," we say that they have "connected." One senses in the other that "special something" that makes you want to be with them forever. Romance! "True love!" It is said, "You know when it happens, but you can't make it happen." Although the eyes of others don't often see what you sense—"I can't figure out what she sees in him?"—everyone of your senses are triggered as your lover comes to you. The banter, "She turns me on!" expresses the physical, tangible, sensate impact of her presence—she not only lights your pilot light but with a sweet kiss she instantly fires you up to broil! Your body is like a furnace: heart beating, panting, sweaty palms...and you hear, "Man, when she's around, you're a goner!"

The most amazing human act: coupling. Only when two intimately embrace and couple is a third person made present. Where did that person come from? From that something called intimacy. Even if it is ova and sperm in a test tube, what is mingled are aspects of a male and female's intimacy.

In simple terms, personal intimacy is the human space wherein we "creatively imagine."
What is more astounding than the creation of life itself? The birthing of a child!

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