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Part 1 - Pathways


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Table of Contents


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The awesome triumph of the Warrior’s Quest vision

The triumph of the Warrior’s Quest vision is grounded in its four foundational themes:

1) sourced in an emotion of dreadful fear,
2) identifies and names the Other as Intimate Enemy,
3) seeks to annihilate the goddess and/or the feminine and
4) expresses its heartfelt values through a self-fulfilling apocalyptic story of self-annihilation

For numerous millennia—an awesome span!—the Warrior’s Quest vision has bent every major Big Story its way. The four common themes are so embedded in the collective human psyche that you hear them spoken of as “part of human nature,”
“that’s just the way things are,” and
“that’s the way the world works.” Or,
“that’s God’s revelation.”

There is a truth here that must not be trivialized nor dodged.

The Warrior’s Quest is the way
I, that
person over there,
everyone on the Living Earth imagines!

It is a vision anchored in the depths of our being, individual and communal. We dream its dreams every night. We relive its stories every day—mass media: TV, movies, the Internet repeat, reinforce, replicate and reverence the images, words, heartfelt actions, values and “spirituality” of the Warrior’s Quest. At a 24/7/365 pace its high priests and messengers preach and speak in churches, temples, synagogues, on campuses, street corners, camp grounds, via satellite and through every communication outlet.



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