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Part 1 - Pathways


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Table of Contents


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Big Stories and you. As a people, we humans are at a crucial point of creative imagining. We can choose to imagine and so create a humanity which is peacefully and comfortably at-home on Earth. One which makes present intimate preciousness. Or we can choose to linger at the present level of human imagining, which, when closely examined, is sourced in dreadful fear and endless warring. One wherein the Other—you—is seen as Intimate Enemy.

As sojourning aliens we learned that the nuclear warrior wants to destroy your intimate self, every atom, thought and feeling. This moved us to look further as to how the dominant Big Stories understand and value intimacy. How do these Big Stories manifest the nuclear Warrior's Quest imagination?

As stated, the Warrior's Quest imagination is the way in which the dominant global Big Stories have interpreted themselves. At present, three Big Stories of the culture of the West are dominant. These are the:

1) Biblical Abrahamic,
2) Scientism, and
3) Secularism.

Summaries of these three Big Stories indicate how they are intricately interconnected—historically and spiritually. Collectively, they dominate the human imagination, and culturally and spiritually drive the current globalization movement.

Since all three Big Stories cast light on why Earthfolk envision living peacefully at-home on Earth, it is important to discern the common themes shared by the three Big Stories that form the core of the Warrior's Quest vision.

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