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Table of Contents


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Invitation from the Earthfolk

What is Sensual Preciousness? Who are the Earthfolk? Both are uncommon terms and images of an uncommon imagination which is expressed through practices and rituals of precious intimacy. You should anticipate that our Earthfolk words and images do not exactly mean what you think or feel they do on first pass. Our way of imagining presents you with a challenging vision of what it means to be human, that is, to be sensually precious.

We invite you to explore our Sensual Preciousness vision and its practices which are expressed through rituals of intimacy. Through Sensual Preciousness practices and rituals you will experience a startling presence of personal and communal intimacy. This is the intimate presence of yourself and others as precious and Beloved.

Your and others’ preciousness and Belovedness is made present as you couple in a preciously intimate embrace. From within this embrace of Beloveds arises the source for your personal and Earth’s communal transformation. This source for transformation we call “vital zest.” We Earthfolk anticipate that some will assess our way as peculiar, even strange, and at times discomforting. For the Earthfolk invitation is nothing less than a call for you to transform your life and undergo a conscious physical, mental and spiritual metamorphosis.

As a people, we humans are at a crucial point of conscious evolution. We can choose to imagine and so create a humanity which is peacefully and comfortably at-home on the Living Earth. One which makes present intimate preciousness. Or, we can choose to linger at the present level of human imagining, which, when closely examined, is sourced in dreadful fear and endless warring. This is the vision of the Warrior's Quest wherein the Other—you—is seen as Intimate Enemy.

It is also a catastrophic time because the choice has already been made to vaporize the Enemy through nuclear warfare. This is a choice which inevitably finds fulfillment in self-annihilation, which is the logical, practical and perverse characteristic of the Warrior’s Quest and its nuclear imagination.



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