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What do you find worthwhile in the Abrahamic tradition?

The question requires answering a broader Big Question, What do Earthfolk find worthwhile in Religious Big Stories?

We focus on the Abrahamic Big Story because it is source for the Secular and Scientism Big Stories that synergistically created the special space and time for the Manhattan Project ritual of creatively imagining and dropping the Atomic Bomb, so making manifest and present the Warrior's Quest vision and imagination.

However, this is a matter of historical accident, so to speak. It is possible that even Taoism could have been sculpted by the patriarchal dynamism of Eastern cultures to make, say China, what "America" became. This is a bit of historical fantasy, but the point is that all extant religious Big Stories have been interpreted by the "four themes." In an "alternative history" scenario, predatory Hinduism with a Lone Male Tantrism could be driving globalization today. The West just happens to have unleashed the Warrior's Quest, plainly and fiercely.

So, when we look at any Religious Big Story and its tradition and its "sacred book(s)" we, long ago, decided that we would not try to reform or re-imagine these traditions, e.g., reimagining the Abrahamic Biblical story of Genesis. Not, at least, to make them "acceptable" so that others could go on practicing Lone Male ways.

For all "sacred book(s)," we simply have put the Book aside in respect to our personal journey. Clearly, we have to engage Lone Male theology and practices, so it's not that we do not contend intellectually with it. We all live immersed in the Abrahamic tradition, religiously and secularly. This may sound, at first glance, like Western chauvinism, but after August 6, 1945 no Religious Big Story or tradition remained relevant to the New Age ushered in by the vaporization of humans at Hiroshima.

A fundamental Earthfolk claim is that the Secular and Scientism Big Stories descended from the Abrahamic Big Story. We simply no longer practice, pray or meditate according to the Abrahamic tradition—which includes adherence to the Secular and Scientism Big Stories which are, in our sight, still driven by the Lone Male Warrior's Quest for dominion and domination.

If you're asking, Should I read the Book for spiritual guidance?—consider the following and click on the hyperlink for the appropriate Earthfolk ritual.




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