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Part 1 - Pathways


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Table of Contents


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Part 2 - Resources

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Other human bodies are our own.

For Earthfolk when the Apollo 8 astronauts during Christmas 1968 took the iconic photograph called Earthrise, more was discovered than what appears to be the trite insight that all humans share the one cosmic dirt-ball tagged "Earth."

Earthfolk were swept up and away by an unsettling sense of identity and a heartfelt emotion of feeling sensually precious. Feeling one’s sensual preciousness describes the how of the Earthfolk experience. Namely, that

full human sensing, understanding and imagining
occurs within moments of intimacy
when each
of us knows our self
a precious Other.

Here, the precious Other was the Living Earth, itself. This sight of Starship Earth was a birthing moment. As Earthfolk peered and saw it so they became fully aware—somewhat shocked and awestruck—of the precious intimacy which the Living Earth is. Yes, is. We sensed with every fiber of our being that the Living Earth is Her, Mother … and Home! The photo conveyed the Ancient invitation: "Come home, my children!" We felt precious within Her nurturing embrace.

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